Precise and efficient performance is our Gold Standard for accomplishing your construction goals. Our extensive experience flying in high-altitude, mountainous terrain conditions will facilitate the construction of buildings, bridges and ski lifts, or the placement of utility poles in a remote location.  From concrete to machinery and drill transport, skillful longline techniques are used to deliver safe and efficient support for your construction requirements.

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Rooftop HVAC and Construction

When busy urban environments require rooftop HVAC units or cell towers, our decades of experience and success assure the precision placement you are seeking. As a Part 133 Certificate holder with a foundation of excellence and experience, Central Copters will meet and exceed your expectations in a vast range of construction projects including but not limited to:

  • Powerline Construction (Utility Pole Setting)
  • HVAC/ Rooftop Placement
  • Radio Transmission towers and antennas
  • Concrete
  • Ski Lift Construction
  • Remote Construction
  • Setting Structural Steel 
  • Wire Pulling
  • Bale, Dirt, and Rock Reclamation
  • Aerial Seeding
  • Power generating wind turbines
  • Equipment and vehicle Transport/ Retrieval 
  • Supply Replenishment for remote locations
  • Transport General construction materials and supplies
  • Oil and Gas Exploration/ Support

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Central Copters

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